Our Grow mission safe the World and bring familys back together in a garden

Hydroponics is a method of planting that uses a nutrient-rich water solution as a base for the plants to grow. In contrast to the traditional soil-based planting, hydroponics is the best choice for plant-growers because it allows them to regulate different variables according to the plant’s needs to yield better growth. We want for our custmer only best Foodsafe materials, using safe plastics for hydroponics is one of the most important variables that must be considered. This is why we are here exactly to provide our friends and familys with strong buildet hydroponic system to affordable prices.
Hydroponics is the modern take of planting with the use of nutrient-rich water solution as a base. It may cost more money and time and poses greater risks, but hydroponics is usually preferred because, with appropriate and proper maintenance, it can produce more outcome at the soonest possible time. Generally, hydroponics is made of safe-to-use plastics which poses a lesser threat to our health.

Fight Food Shortages With Hydroponics!

It’s not just food – flowers can be grown very effectively at home, often to a better result than simply buying a full-grown plant. Plants used in treatments such as aloe vera can also be grown at home. Imagination is the limit when it comes to the array of things you can home grow. Even fungus-based food such as mushrooms are available using modern growing technologies. With a little research and observation, you can figure out what fruit/vegetables/herbs you use on a regular basis, what substrate they most prefer, what nutrients would be most suitable and what light would provide an adequate sun replacement for your chosen produce. For instance, growing onions, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, and most herbs is completely feasible in a hydroponics system. Certain exotic fruits may not be feasible due to the size of the plant, but if you have the space –the possibilities are endless!

Easy to maintain and Cost-effective

A vertical garden uses very little space for planting as compared to conventional gardening; you can have lots of plants vertically arranged, hanging or placed one above the other; saving your space, time, efforts and money.  Vertically arranged plants are easy to fertilize, water, prune and harvest.

Apartment Friendly

Is your love for gardening fading away due to a lack of space while living in an apartment? People are living in an apartment can use their creativity and balconies to develop and design their dream garden.

Maintaining Diversity

In a Vertical Garden, you have the option of planting multiple varieties of plants, herbs or vegetables in a small area. You can even experiment with decorative and ornamental plants to beautify your surroundings.

Reduces Carbon Footprint

Vertical gardens help to reduce the carbon footprint of your home, building or apartment by filtering pollutants and carbon dioxide out of the air and reducing heat absorption, resulting in significant energy savings with less use of air conditioners